Boulard is a ready-to-wear fashion house born in 2020.
Located in the heart of Barcelona, it presents a subtle, sophisticated and elegant vision of European fashion by renewing its classic forms and creating new ones.

With a strong creative network at the root of its creation, the house draws the source of its identity from the Barcelona culture and wishes to expose its aestheticism to the whole world.

Attentive to all aspects of the fabric, creative director Ugo Boulard combines passion, curiosity and conscientious work to offer a garment of lasting quality, made entirely by hand in his Barcelona atelier, in the most sustainable way possible.

Boulard is an intergenerational vision of fashion, a collective of work and ideas, but above all a unifying passion for the industry.


- After being introduced to the fashion world, I started learning with my peers by trying, working, generating a routine, generating content, and moving forward based on mistakes and conclusions. I emphasize that the fact that I have not started to enter this world through the academic door, my path is totally due to the obsession that has generated fashion industry in me, the connection and above all the fact of projecting a lot of beautiful ideas.

Having worked with many artists, having learned a lot from each of them, teaching how to work, having seen and knowing that i still have to see al lot. I’ve been able to start moving towards certain aesthetic forms that represent me a lot, and towards certain values that define the heart and skeleton of my project. It is very important to emphasize that the brand must convey a clear message;
"I want to create aesthetic, commercial and physical forms, as a canvas to frame and explain reference / important experiences that project the values of the brand in an artistic way. -

Why ? 

"Because I need to be able to expose my most philosophical way of seeing the current world in which we live, as the project, and bring a message to change a part of the world"

With all this first message, the brand seeks to differentiate itself by modifying the traditional methodologies of "Savoir-Faire". In addition to the qualities that already define this technique, the brand wants to add great importance to what could briefly be definen in parallel as "Savoir-Sentir" (paying special attention to all human, creative, connective and energetic values that there are, (among many others) serving to reinforce the argument of the experience through the sensations and the spirit.




The entire creative process of the collection has taken place in our "Attelier". A large studio that we built from scratch with our own means and our own hands together with different artists linked to the project.

Currently the entire collection is worked from this same studio in a cautious and "homemade" way. In this way, the firm ensures a quality production in the most sustainable way possible with a team of people working carefully behind the whole process.

All materials used in product development are selected for the highest degree of quality, this allows us to see and touch different products to access an exponential degree of knowledge on how to improve each piece for our customers.